“Art has the power to transform, illuminate, inspire, educate and offer hope.”

-Sue Summerton

“Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes.”

-Kahlil Gibran


“I have bought 4 large canvases for colleagues including one who did a big nasty operation on my shoulder and they all love Susan’s art.  She has seen all of these X-rays herself—anyone can download stuff from the internet—and I respect that.  Anything to make the medical office a less scary place has to be a good thing!”

Dr. Andrew Graham, Orthopedic Surgeon

“I am so pleased with the artwork I have purchased from Dr. Summerton. On display at our Breast care center we have “Hope”, a concept that is one of the pillars of cancer survival. Not only is the work intriguing, but the viewer can sense the internal beauty of the human body in the letters. The work essentially merges hope and humanity, very uplifting for our patients.”

Kristine Kelley, MD, FACS

“Xray Artistry offers an intriguing mix of artistic and medical talent. A recent personalized gift to my sister has become a conversation piece in her bone research laboratory.  The reaction to your art is universal.

I showed my international students the “Never Stop Learning” print. They study the images and try to figure out what’s represented. Then they check the legend to determine if they saw what the radiologist saw. Your artistry speaks an international language and is a teaching tool. It delights faculty and students! “

Barbara Moyer

“I’ve known Dr. Summerton as a fellow physician for several years. When she told me of her x-ray art project I thought it was a novel idea and I was impressed when I saw the range of images she had compiled over her years as a radiologist. I am an ophthalmologist, so when she showed me the bright idea of using these x-ray “letters” to form an eye chart, I was further intrigued. I get nothing but compliments and questions about where I obtained such an interesting piece. Kudos to Dr. Summerton and thanks for her vision and her unique artistry. I think I may have to buy a couple more of those charts.”

Vincent Young, MD, Chairman, Ophthalmology Department, Einstein Medical Center

“Your artwork, arranged as 5 sequentially framed pieces, is much more than just aesthetically pleasing. The unique use of radiology is perfectly suited for our medical environment. Your smart and creative use of images has been thought provoking for our patients, stimulating many questions and conversations. Everyone thinks it’s very cool.”

Dr Ronald A Dimentberg, MD, FRCSC

“Xray artistry has created multiple custom pieces for me and never disappoints! The addition of inspirational quotes and medical art in our office and classroom/laboratory space is a very nice touch for a medical imaging program. Holiday cards and thank you cards are always a huge hit. Additionally, xray artistry has done a fabulous job with personalized retirement gifts. Sue is always willing to help create a truly personalized piece. So happy to have come across this artwork!”


Rebecca Peterson M.S. Ed., R.T. (R) (ARRT)

Meet the Artist

I always knew I wanted to be a doctor, but I never imagined I would be an artist. During my nearly 25-year career as an educator and a radiologist, my creative side emerged as I discovered the Xray Alphabet. Now, as I continue to discover how this art affects people, I’m more passionate than ever to share my love of medicine and art, and my ability to see these beautiful images.

Dr. Sue Summerton


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The Xray Artistry alphabet and Xray Artistry products are all licensed artistic reproductions of actual human radiographs in accordance with healthcare privacy rules and regulations. All images and products are protected by Copyright © 2018 Susan Summerton, MD, Xray Artistry.