About the Artist

Susan Summerton, MD Dr. Susan Summerton is a diagnostic radiologist who has always found beauty in science and nature. In medical school she was fascinated by physiology, anatomy and radiology. Specializing in diagnostic radiology allowed Susan to explore the mysteries of the human body through the images of radiographs (Xrays), ultrasounds, MRI and CT scans.

Blending her interests in anatomy and photography, Susan has focused her unique artistic vision on radiographic images for nearly 30 years. Finding letters, shapes and symbols where others see bone and human organs, she began creating an Xray alphabet and designs from digital graphics based on Xrays that celebrate the inner beauty inside us all.

Susan launched her artistic journey in 2014, when she submitted her first piece of Xray Artistry to an international competition sponsored by the prestigious Radiologic Society of North America. The piece won an Honorable Mention and was featured at the Society's annual meeting, where she also displayed additional art and was selected as "Best New Exhibitor." The enthusiastic response to her work inspired Susan to create new Xray Artistry works in a fun and fascinating blend of medicine, technology, science and art. More recently, Susan has explored new presentations including 3D optical illusion printing, and semi-translucent prints that can be illuminated on light boxes to more closely resemble an actual xray on a medical view box.

Xray Artistry is displayed in galleries and exhibitions, commissioned worldwide as custom pieces for professional and domestic spaces, and personalized as unique gifts to commemorate special events.

Susan Summerton, MD received her undergraduate and medical degrees from Temple University. She completed her residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center, where she was Chief Resident in 1992, and was board certified in Diagnostic Radiology in 1993. She has worked as a radiologist in academic and private practices, as well as hospital settings. Susan lives, works and creates Xray Artistry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.