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Make your personalized medical artwork with the Xray Artistry alphabet and numerals, or visit our Xray Art Gallery to view our exclusive medical art and messages, available for purchase or customization. Xray Artistry makes great gifts for friends, relatives and co-workers in the medical field such as wall décor for waiting rooms and medical offices. Have a print made to acknowledge the hard work of a graduate and to recognize their new degree. Choose a print of the entire alphabet as a gift to your child's teacher. Xray Artistry is also a fun and imaginative way to recognize a child's birthday or the birth of a new baby. Express yourself with Xray Artistry!
Xray Alphabet, Susan Summerton, MD

Xray Alphabet Xray A Xray B Xray C Xray D Xray E Xray F Xray G Xray H Xray I Xray J Xray K Xray L Xray M Xray N Xray O Xray P Xray Q Xray R Xray S Xray T Xray U Xray V Xray W Xray X Xray Y Xray Z Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5 Number 6 Number 7 Number 8 Number 9

  • A Cortical folds (gyri) on MRI brain
  • B Cardiac monitor wires on xray of chest
  • C Corpus Callosum on MRI of brain
  • D Nipple ring on mammogram
  • E Cortical folds (gyri) on MRI brain
  • F Lumbar screws and rods on xray of back
  • G Pacemaker wires overlying chest on chest xray
  • H Rod and screws in tibia on xray of leg
  • I Normal finger on hand xray
  • J Cortical folds (gyri) on MRI brain
  • K Cortical folds (gyri) on MRI brain
  • L Normal bent elbow on xray
  • M Serratus Anterior muscle on CT of chest
  • N Tortuous ureter filled with contrast on CT scan of abdomen
  • O Eyeball on MRI
  • P Celiac artery on CT of abdomen
  • Q Small bowel loops on CT scan abdomen
  • R Vein on mammogram
  • S Bowel loop filled with contrast on CT scan of abdomen
  • T Tibial plateau component of joint replacement on knee xray
  • U Segment of colon CT colonography study
  • V 2 screws holding a fracture in the radial head on elbow xray
  • W Serratus anterior muscle between ribs on CT scan of chest
  • X Crossing optic nerves on MRI brain
  • Y 2 pins transfixing a metacarpal fracture on a hand xray
  • Z Portion of bowel passing through defect in abdominal wall muscles (ventral hernia) on CT scan

The Xray Artistry alphabet and Xray Artistry products are all licensed artistic reproductions of actual human radiographs in accordance with healthcare privacy rules and regulations. All images and products are protected by Copyright © 2015 Susan Summerton, MD, Xray Artistry.